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Maths Quiz

An interactive Powerpoint quiz that covers a range of concepts.

Maths Planner

A useful Maths planning template for teachers to use.

Maths Border

A printable border which can be added to your Maths displays. Contributed by Jinky Dabon.

Maths Star!

Give one of these colourful notes to children who work hard in Maths!

Maths chase

A board game for two to four players, using any revision or question cards (such as our Pick and mix revision cards). All four players move counters...

Engaging Maths

A resource from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) which explores the role of the mathematical sciences in our lives - in security, telecommunications and the internet, the environment, finance and economics, industry, tra...

Technological Maths

This report was prepared by Professor Richard Kimbell and Richard Green of the Technology Education Research Unit (TERU) as a result of a project commissioned by The Engineering Council in June 1996. The brief for the project was to examine the use o...

Calculator Maths

Basic skills and mental arithmetic are key factors if the calculator is to be used intelligently. The material in these books uses the calculator to reinforce early number bonds and encourage mental arithmetic. There are common headings, throughout t...

Maths Investigations

The pupils’ workshop contains 80 cards based on 10 themes. The investigations will compliment any mathematics scheme and can act as a resource bank to suit the needs of a small group of students. The cards can be used in investigations whe...

Maths Stories

This programme from Teachers TV contains seven clips which may be used to demonstrate a technique for teaching number operations and fractions using paper cups. Teachers should view the programmes Just a Fraction and Understanding Fractions&nbsp...

Maths Hangman

This game from Subtangent is a variation on the classic hangman game but using mathematical words. There is a set of words provided but it is possible for the teacher or players to enter their own words which can provide an opportunity to emphasise t...

Maths Dictionary

Get your class to make their own Maths Dictionary, which they can refer to during their normal Maths work.

Twister Maths

Play a game of Twister while developing Maths skills!

French Maths

Work out the answers to these sums using French vocabulary!

Maths Display

A colourful display that reviews a variety of Maths concepts.

Maths Champion

A simple game which can be used to test any Maths topic.

Maths Up!

A fun game which lets children practice multiplication (and many other Maths skills).

NZ Maths

A New Zealand Ministry of Education website covering areas such as algebra, geometry, measurement, number, problem-solving, and statistics. There are also many resources and useful links. The extensive newsletter archive includes severl articles co...

Maths detectives

Problem solving can be quite difficult for EAL learners compared to simple calculations because of the language they must negotiate.   This resource provides a collaborative and fun approach to teaching learners how to determine which bits of informa...