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Busted: The Top 6 Maths Myths

Maths is essential in everyday life; we wouldn’t be learning it the whole way through school if it wasn’t! Maths gets a bad reputation and this has got a lot to do with the myths that have been floating about. … Continued

Core Maths: not just more maths

The NCETM Maths Podcast, episode 10: Core Maths: not just more maths

Maths Mazes

Can your pupils work their way through the maze by solving the Maths calculations?

Maths Monster

I have used a Maths Monster who goes home with a different student each night along with a list of maths activities he / she can 'help' the monster to try at home. These activities can be general or more specific to fit in with current topic or theme...

Maths Headers

Use these header pages to make folder covers or head up displays Featuring our exclusive illustrations these are clear and simple to display in any classroom. 9 A4 posters featuring the key areas of the new 2014 curriculum for Maths   Digital do...

Maths Area

A Maths area with a large collection of key facts and information about important Maths topics.

Maths Banners

Printable banners to use on your 'Maths' display boards. Available with British and American English spellings.

Maths Miscellany

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles website offers a huge amount of links, information, resources and interactive games all based on mathematics. Time will need to be spent when visiting this huge site.

Maths Careers

Maths affects everything we do in our lives. It forms the basis for many other subjects and is fascinating in its own right. It also leads on to a variety of fulfilling careers. This site has advice and assistance for 11 year olds right through to g...

Maths Search

These books, written by Jean Head, contain a variety of problems, investigations and practical work for use within the classroom. The ideas were gathered from many different sources in the hope that they would form the basis of a bank of resources. A...

Smarties maths

An investigation into a packet of Smarties! Draw a tally chart, find the mode, median and mean and work out the proportion of each colour of Smartie as fractions and percentages. Each group completing the task will need a packet of Smarties, the reso...

Maths prodigies

This lesson offers a variety of activities based on child maths prodigies. Firstly, there is a warm up activity that reviews the names of school subjects and introduces the topic of education.

Maths Karate

A wonderful way of reinforcing understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division vocabulary.

Climbing Maths

Can your children use all of the number operations to work their way up the ladders?

Maths Display

A bright and colourful display which celebrates pupils' achievement in Maths.

Maths Review

A presentation which contains lots of questions for students to answer.