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English Headers

Use these header pages to make folder covers or head up displays Featuring our exclusive illustrations these are clear and simple to display in any classroom. 4 A4 posters featuring the 4 key areas of the new 2014 curriculum for English   Digita...

World English

Word derivation! A fun activity encouraging children to find out which countries the words have come from. The Smart Notebook activity has an answer sheet attached. The resource is from A&C Black's 'Developings' series.

English next

The report argues that we are already in a very new kind of environment and a new phase in the global development of English.

English clubs

Many English Clubs are moderated by English teachers, but this doesn’t necessarily always have to be the case.

English Display

A display celebrating a variety of English work and vocabulary.

English Next India

English Next India sits as part of a wider programme of work by the British Council in India which aims to contribute to the development of English language teaching and learning in India.

English Terminology Posters

Display the English Terminology for Pupils for all year groups on these bright posters. Each poster features all the terms to be used and introduced in each year group. 7 A4 posters including a title card. Matching flashcards for each year group are...

Forms of English

Read the words of a twelve-year-old street crossing-sweeper and complete the chart to compare the speech with modern standard English. An activity from A&C Black’s ‘Developings’ series.

Old English matching

Looks for clues in the word structure to match the old English words to the modern equivalents.

English sentence stress

For this reason it's also an area which is often neglected, but this aspect of the language can cause problems for learners in both their speaking and perhaps more importantly listening.

My English telephone

The class discusses how to make the phone and what materials are needed. The teacher elicits the necessary language to make and use the phones.

Homophones Grid English

Write down the different meanings for these words that sound the same. You can use a dictionary to help you.

English / Spanish Animals

A fun worksheet giving the English / Spanish translations of a range of animals.

Subject Bunting - English

Use these bunting triangles to create a fun header for a display/subject area. 2 triangles per A4 sheet, each triangle has one letter to spell out the word 'English'   Digital download - PDF file

English Targets Display

What could... what should... what must be achieved in your Literacy / English work this term? A fantastic way of showing targets.

Billy's English lesson

Write an Inspector's report on Billy's English lesson with Mr Farthing (A5 size).

Exploring British English

How different is British English from American English? Students focus on features such as slang and idiom and consider the influence of context on language. Includes research and extension tasks.

German or English?

Students are presented with two pie charts, one showing the number of letters in words in a sample of English text, the other showing the number of letters in words in the same sample of text written in German. Students are also given another sample...

My English classroom

Throughout the year you’ll be using classroom language and it’s important for children to be introduced to it very early on so that they can understand what you want them to do.

English Club Banner

If you have an english club at your school, you can use this banner on your display boards.

Maths glossary - English

A Maths glossary to be used for revision or reference. This Maths resource, aimed at 12-14 and 15-16 year olds, features the main Maths topics. The resource is devised as a selection of revision entries featuring the main Maths topics which is intend...

The English Language

Info and activities exploring the origins of the English Language.

Writing Standard English

Quick activity to introduce students to the use of Standard English in writing.